Legal, Terms, Privacy Policy & Our Commitment To You


Legal Terms, Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy

Subject to the two exclusive exceptions identified in the next sentence, under no circumstances do we collect, track, transfer, store, disclose or sell any of your personal information and/or data at any time to any party with or without your consent unless legally ordered to do so. One exception is regarding the terms of Google services explained below, and the other exception is regarding direct interaction and/or correspondence, which may include e-mail and/or by form or any other means. Any personal data or other data entered into any form or box will not be retained, except to provide a service to you, such as but not limited to responding to inquiries or requests for features or information. Likewise, unless stated, we have elected to avoid offering the option to store cookies on your device at this time beyond functional cookies to enable preferances, but in future we may do so with your prior consent for either accessibility purposes, other functionality purposes, or to meet legal requirements. If we do, we may offer to remember a choice, setting, etc. and whenever we do, you convey your acceptance of this either by selecting any indicator, or by clicking "yes", "accept", or any other means in the affirmative, at which point you are acknowledging and giving us consent to place a cookie on your device for the disclosed purpose. For a few non-exhaustive examples, we may offer the option to remember your favourite search settings, colour scheme, or font size. In regards to Google services, cookies may be placed by Google in conjunction with their advertising program or Analytics, subject to their own terms and agreements, which are available to view in a new tab at Google policies and Analytics. Where Google provides analytical data, we will not store any of it even if permitted to do so.

Separately, I make no claims regarding content, tracking, cookies, or other websites or domains I have no control over, such as but not exclusive to typical unrelated activity or interest-based web tracking from social media or any website which may collect data while you are on my site using any means that didn't originate from my site. Further by continuing to use the site, you acknowledge and assume the risk that another user may have indicated consent or acceptance prior even if you did not explicitly consent, and obsolve us of any and all obligations or legal ramifications if the site fails to offer an indicator in any situation, even in the event the site is otherwise fully functional. You accept responsibility for these risks since the site is intentionally designed in such a way that it may not be able to differentiate between users.

Even where you have indicated consent to store a cookie(s), we intend the storage of such information to remain exclusively on your device. Despite this, since we have no control over user device(s), you accept sole responsibility for this data. Additionally, we strive to ensure no cookies or other user data is stored on the site or server, however if a technical reason limits our ability to do so, we will endeavour to indicate that where possible. The user assumes all risk and responsibility associated with their data whether it is on their device or on the server, even if the site and/or user is unaware of such data. That being said, it is our absolute intent to avoid data storage on the site in the first place, where possible, and we will endeavour to limit user data storage on the site to the extent permissable by law.

With the exclusive exception of the GDPR-related cookies mentioned below, even functional cookies are optional, which demonstrates how committed we are to your privacy. Where a user visits the site and does not want cookie(s), including the most basic functional cookies, regardless if they have not given prior consent and/or have not been prompted, we encourage users to erase or delete site cookies to ensure no personal data has been or is being stored on their device. However this responsibility remains with the user. Note that default settings may not be prompted. This is not an exhaustive list but examples of the default settings may include English for language and/or Canada for location among other things, regardless of the region or language of the user. These are the defaults for the site due to it's location, and may not actually require a prompt from the user.

We will strive to avoid even associating functional cookies with any other user data unless otherwise indicated. This is to limit "gleaning" of data from user devices in the event that the user's device becomes compromised ("hacked"). I will attempt to obfuscate data where possible to the best of my ability, however cannot and do not make any guarantees express or implied about data security, both due to technical and/or other limitations. The user assumes these risks.

Important changes to Google Ads Policies are effective early 2024. One change allows Google to serve ads even if a user opts out of the applicable GDPR policies. Normally this would be a benign change, but it appears that this specific type of ad serving mode bipasses the GDPR policies entirely, and would leave a cookie on the user's device even if the user chose to decline all ad-related cookies. Although we are operating from a country that has no equivalent law to the EU or Brazil, I believe a user should have absolute unequivocal autonomy over what data and cookies are saved on their device, so as soon as it came into effect, I immediately and universally opted out of this particular ad serving mode. You do not need to take additional action to opt out of this policy on this site, as we have made the changes on our end. Let me be absolutely clear, opting out likely hurts our ad-supported business model, but to me integrity and privacy come first. We will however, require GDPR-settings-only cookies to regulate the existing behaviour. These cookie(s) will be used to determine opt-in and opt-out of what cookie choices you have saved, and may be stored to your device. These cookies are exclusively for GDPR functions, not for tracking or even user page preferences outside of the scope of GDPR. Unlike the ad serving cookies, in simple albeit non-exhaustive terms, the GDPR cookie is an "opt in" cookie for other cookies that allows you complete and utter autonomy over what other cookies may be sent to your device. Notably opting out of the alternate ad-serving mode will usually not stop ads from being shown, and potentially could even benefit the user in various ways, theoretically enriching the accuracy and/or quality of the ads that are shown.

Additional Legal Terms

This site and I are neither affilitated with Amazon nor endorsed by Amazon, and I make no claims of any kind whether express or implied regarding their site, services, functionality, content or anything of any kind associated with Amazon or it's partners. The search form I have created is nothing more than a convenience tool designed to help expedite the shopping process by sending people to pre-existing parts of Amazon's site using their own pre-existing links and/or pre-existing functionality.

All parts of this site including the Amazon Search form are without express or implied warranty. By continuing to view and/or use any part of this site, you agree to hold harmless the site owner from any losses due to your use, abuse, or failure, or from server overload or any cause or circumstance within or beyond my control. In other words "use at your own risk".

All parts of all legal terms and conditions, including the privacy policy, are subject to Canadian law and Ontario law, and by using this site, you agree that any disputes and/or legal matters related to the site are resolved under the exclusive jurisdiction of the laws of Ontario. You agree that where any sentence of the terms cannot be enforcible, that every other sentence of the terms remains in full force and effect. You also agree to waive the right to choose the location of any court proceedings. You agree all legal matters including documentation, submissions, and proceedings are handled exclusively in English. We reserve the right to amend all terms and policies without notice.

Our Commitment to You

I personally believe privacy is a fundamental human right, so it is essential to me that your privacy is protected and respected at all times. As such I endeavor to avoid even collecting personal data where possible. In an age where server costs are real, in order to provide ongoing functionality, some personal data is collected for the Google services mentioned above. Where it's necessary to collect personal data of any kind beyond that, it will be removed at the first opportunity after it is no longer necessary to serve it's intended purpose, subject to Canadian privacy laws.

Most recent version as of: March 6th, 2024.