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Still Under Construction, sorry.... 🥺 This is stuff I'm working on, but I got sidetracked by my biggest project - the Amazon Search Tool. Will be adding more when I get the chance! (but the first calculator does seem to work!)

Constructed Land Calculator

This is just a guideline to determine how much of your total mana should be allocated to a particular colour. I came up with the design based on simple math for Pauper for the minimum number of lands per colour you should have to achieve a specific function. Then you need to adjust up or down based on when you need that particular card to hit. Go higher for cards that are essential earlier, and lower for things that may be later (for example 1 drop protection for bigger creatures you played later).

Result (minimum number of sources you should have for that colour):

If you don't know how many lands to put in your deck in the first place, a good guideline is about 40% to start (24 in 60-card formats, or 40 in Commander) and adjust from there. I'll be making a rough calculator for that soon too.

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